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Top 10 Bracelets Design

different bracelets on one hand

Bracelets are an important part of daily accessories and they look splendid when you wear them with the matching dressing and they could surely make you standout. The bracelets could be of many types, leather, polyester and beads are the famous materials used for making bracelets and they could be cheap as well as expensive, but price isn't a issue as long as the bracelets goes well with your overall look and your personality. So, for choosing the best bracelet for yourself you have to be familiar with the best designs around the world which could be available to you.

Before buying your bracelet be sure to wear it and check whether the size fits or not. The ideal bracelet that fits you is not so tight and not so loose, because it has to give you the best look without causing unnecessary trouble or bracelet marks on your hands. Now if you have a skinny arm than a little bulky bracelet will extenuate your wrist and will make your wrist look good, while a delicate and skinny bracelet will let you have the slimming effect around your wrist and will make your wrist attractive rather than odd.

Enough tips for the bracelets you want to wear, here are some designs which will suit you pretty well. Here we will show the best bracelet designs which include every type of bracelets like bottom top, leather, fabricated, synthetic and beads bracelets. You can choose your favorite bracelet designs which you like and go the store to search something which is like that. The images are taken from and if you are interested in buying any you could go to the Pinterest site and get one from their website.

Bracelet Designs for MEN

guy wearing bracelets

men bracelets leather

bracelet with beads for men

simple bracelet designfor men

black wire bracelet men

Bracelet Designs for Women

charming women bracelet

women bracelet glittery

band design bracelet

women accessory bracelet

simple and attractive women bracelet

Do let us know how you feel about these bracelet designs and also share with us your favorite bracelet designs.
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Top 7 Celebrities with Hot Beard

Celebrities try to look their best and we know that beards are an attractive feature of your facial persona if kept in the best suited way for your complexion and face structure. We often see our best celebrities having a beard and looking really cool. While, we on the other hand look not so good in beards because we don't know what is best for our face. Check the Top 10 Beard Styles which we discussed earlier which focuses on the facial shape and various factors, which will make you decide the best beard for you. For now we will talk about the celebrity beards.
We know our favorite celebrities look good in beards as well as without them, but we have compiled a list of celebs who pull the beard pretty good and possibly the best. Before going to the list we would like you to grow beard just a try, we would say that each man should try a beard for a month or so in his life because it is really a manly thing to do and it has it's unwritten advantages in sex appeal and personality development, just give it a try and bear it for 2 weeks no matter how bad you look, eventually it will be pleasing to you.

Enough of the talking let's see the best looking celebrity in beard and observe their facial beauty for a while.

#7 Christian Bale

The laid back batman and an amazing actor, with a cute and sexy beard not to much but just enough to be attractive and look good in it. He sure likes the look but the directors don't love it as much so he is seen little in this look.

Christian bale beard style

#6 Ryan Reynolds

When the green lantern isn't saving the world, he is saving his beard. Ryan Reynolds admittedly look hot in beard and every lady vouched for that after watching the sexy slayer in Blade. He has a stylish beard and he styles it pretty well.

Ryan Reynolds beard style

#5 David Beckham

Who other than the hottest sport sensation David Beckham who has always stolen the show with his cool hairstyle and 5'o clock beard, he really enjoys it and goes well with his serious and tough looks.*

David Beckham beard styles

#4 Gerard Butler

The macho man, hot as hell warrior from the ancient times who loves some action and fits to the definition of a 'MAN' rather than a boy, Gerard Butler. He loves his relaxed looks and has a very impressive and intense beard, the one you maybe should try.

Gerard Butler sexybeard

#3 Zac Efron

The sweet college boy from high school musical and 17 again, to a hunk in Charlie st. Cloud all due to his tough looking beard. Maybe it doesn't join well around the edges but it surely serves the purpose of looking hot shot, Zac Efron keeps his beard exclusive.

zac efron light beard

#2 Ryan Gosling

The nice guy or the bad boy, everything suits him and he knows how to look good and attractive even tough he isn't a genetic beauty. Well groomed and talented Ryan Gosling with his just enough beard does look good and that's what he want.

Ryan Gosling in cute beard

#1 Ian Somerhalder

No doubt Ian Somerhalder the sexy villainy vampire who has his own way of dealing with stuff and isn't exactly the good boy. Loved by ladies around the globe and I dare you can't go through five girl's profile on Facebook without finding a photo of Ian in their profile, the charm works and so does the beard. 

Ian Somerhalder in scruffy beard

Surely, beards are good and give you the manly look and most of the girls like it, because it is a masculine feature which one should opt for sure once in a while. 
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Randy Travis in Serious Condition

Randy Travis performing 2012

Randy Travis the country singer and the reputed Hollywood man who is down with some serious medical conditions and the celebs world are all worried about him. So, are the fans of Randy Travis who was once a sensation and now-a-days was a guys close to his fifties but got baffled with heart problems and was soon sent to the hospital in serious condition. His rockstar days are gone and he is an old man now but that doesn't mean people don't still love him, he is getting the best wishes from all his friends and family and the Hollywood world.

*The publicist of Randy Travis told that Randy is receiving warm wishes from everybody in the Hollywood industry. The big names include Josh Turner, The Oak Ridge Boys, Joe Nichols, Lyle Lovett, Kenny Rogers, Ray Price, Lee Greenwood and Chuck Norris. Yeah including Chuck Norris who just called recently to say him get well soon and be back in his game. Chuck seems to be worried about his mate Randy and now Chuck wants him to be well and get over the disease and comeback like a hero from it.

Randy is still in critical condition and the hospital reported that he had a stroke last night as well which makes his condition highly critical. But, he is going to make it out of the sickness and we too wish him luck getting back safe from the sickness and become the country music sensation he was back in the days.
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Justin Bieber Kicked out of the Club

justin bieber caught drinking in bar

Justin Bieber was kicked out of the night club after the cops found out that the club served him liquor and the club got a citation for that too. Bieber who is 19 was in the premises of a night club in Chicago and was allegedly having alcohol and as soon as the police came to know about him and his crew getting into the club they got notice and kicked him out.

The story goes down like this, Bieber and his bunch of loser fellas went into the Bodi night club past Tuesday and the club welcomed them and on top of that they served them alcohol on their order. The police picked the news and reached the spot and caught them bare handed, the club management was investigated and it was soon found that liquor was served breaking the under 21+ rule in absence of parent or guardian which in turn ended into a citation against them.

The ticket was issued by the police to Bodi Nightclub for admitting and knowingly having underage persons in the establishment and the fine is yet to be decided after the case is heard by the hearing officer after which they would be charged, but honestly cops should have beaten them first to give them a lesson of their lifetime but sadly, it didn't happen!
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James Gandolfini Different Avatars during his Lifetime

James Gandolfini the young age actor who finally gained the publicity he demanded after the show named Sopranos in which he was playing the role of Tony Soprano who is the crime lord but is in distress of managing his family life and career. But that wasn't it, the people knew him as the Virgil from True Romance who a women beating freak, a stuntman in Get Shorty and Carol the impulsive wild thing from the movie Where The Wild Things Are.

From the time when he was born in 1961 till his death in 2013, his life was a wide spread of ups and down belonging to a humble family where his mother was a lunch lady and father was a cement mason he grew into the 'Tony Soprano' in the eyes of many. He was interested in acting from an early age and took part in plays during his high school along with playing basketball regularly. He acquired bachelors in arts degree from Rutgers University and worked as a bouncer in the local pub. Later he was promoted to be the bar tender in a club in Manhattan, which was a good job considering his title 'Flirt of the Class' given in his High School Schoolbook. After the downs he saw, the up was when a man from New York came to him and offered him to come to the Hollywood world and learn acting for two years, which he did.

After that he started his career from 1992 Broadway show to 1993's True Romance and The Juror in 1996. But, the big break which made him famous was the Sopranos, HBO show which featured him as Tony Soprano andhe won 3 Emmys for best actor in a Drama. He was liked by the audience and loved by the jury you can say, and he remained the part of it till 2007. After which he turned into Documentaries and made documentary over 10 soldiers from Iraq war named Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq which too was nominated for Emmy Award.

In his Final days he was on a brief vacation in Italy and had a cardiac arrest which made him leave the world, his son 13, found him and called the Paramedics but couldn't save him. He was a legend and his absense was felt by almost every celebrity and major politicians who wrote about him and the grief they had of his death. The chapter of his life is closed, but the characters are everlasting and will remain everlasting in the eyes of his fans.

young james gandolfini high school

james gandolfini 30 years old

james gandolfini in a french beard

james gandolfini swimming in pool

james gandolfini angry

 james gandolfini 60 years old smiling

james gandolfini last picture

From his enterance in 1987 with Shock Shock Shock till the end in his post production, his identity was unique and fitting to each role. There was just one James Gandolfini and there will be just one till eternity!
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Hairstyles for Overweight Women

Things go little out of hand when u get overweight but it isn't uncommon that people go  little overweight, men after their office jobs and women after pregnancy or some people are chubby from the start but this shouldn't stop anyone from looking good right? We think so too, that is why we are writing this post just for the people who are little overweight or have a little more face fat which makes them look little round and cute like a baby. But, this doesn't endorse being too fat, as you have to follow a strict regime to be in shape as it is one thing which is under your control.
hairstyle picture for overweight women

First of all we will discuss the major features which make the normal hairstyles look a little off on people over the heavier side, firstly the normal hairstyles tend to extenuate the jaw line to make the face look sharp, but in people who are little overweight this makes a big mistake so you have to avoid the hairstyles which are little sharper in the styling. Next thing is to have little heavier sides, have longer bangs which make the hair look thicker and dense hence make your face look smart for the purpose. As if your face fat is high and you choose hairstyles catching up with your facial features it might become a problem for you because it will highlight the features which are originally meant to hide away to look good.

Now as it comes to the fact whether to choose longer hair or shorter hair we would suggest shorter hair which have more volume to the sides of your face in this regard but we definitely don't ban the long hairs because in some cases they too look good. Check the Latest Short hairstyles which we gathered for your ease previously. The reason behind choosing the shorter hairstyles is mainly to reduce the attention to the bigger shoulders due to overweight and the extra neck fat most people tend to accumulate in plus size. Shorter hairs reduce the attention from your extra fats while the higher side volume makes you look good in your size. Next thing is your hair color, so in our opinion the color isn't much of a problem you should stick with your natural hair color in this matter because addition added colors would not generally look good but if you want to pull a style you could always try.

Here are some hairstyles for the plus size women, we are not saying that these women are overweight; we are saying that these hairstyles would look good on the overweight women too.

hairstyle for plus size women

women hairstyle asian overweight

big women hairstyle

overweight women hairstyle idea

hairstyle for older women

hairstyle fat women

big girl hairstyle ideas 2013

women hairstyle overweight

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Farrah Abraham Rejected by Playboy

farrah abraham playboy rejection

You all know about the teen mom star which turned rogue and worked in an explicit video to get the attention of the people. She is off track seriously, and is burning through the explicit world in form of a sexy vibe. But, that vibe wasn't good enough for playboy that's way they rejected her more then once, pretty upset she might be right now? doesn't she?

Farrah who is riding crazy now a days making appearances on pool parties in hot bikinis and whatnot was really looking forward to join playboy, but Hugh Hefner has a standard to maintain too. She first reached out to the playboy men and told that she is willing to do a full body no clothes shot, but was turned down by them. She then filed an appeal again, which was rejected too saying that there isn't space for her on playboy magazine, ohh burn!

We guess that the implants haven't done the trick she was expecting, nor did her toned body. And we guess people don't even wanna see her on playboy because they have already seen enough of her in the recent months.
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