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Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry would be a future couple?

Well Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry are seen together these days. After breakup with Kristen Stewart Robert is found with Katy many times.

Now they were found sitting together watching wedding rehearsals. They were dressed casually looking cute and had great time together. This has become a love triangle of Robert, Kristen and Katy.

Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson would be a cute couple in future but what about Kristen Stewart fans? Be ready for a surprise in coming days. It would be a blast for the fans of above three celebrities.

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Mother Revealed in How I Met Your Mother

After the endless stories about How I Met your Mother by Ted Mosby, finally after the eight season the mother is revealed and Finally the Suspense is over. The mother character was the pure mystery of the show and it has been resolved now, the actress name is Cristin Milioti and she has starred in a number of shows, giving short performances in 30 Rock," "The Sopranos," "Nurse Jackie" and "The Good Wife."

So for us after a lot of other stories the original mother story is here and it will be the ice breaker for the show.
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Mariah Carey is going for a World Tour

Mariah Carey is planning world tour. She has just decided it to visit twenty five countries. She wanted to meet her fans among the world and make this trip a memorable and worthy by meeting her fans.

The singer of hit songs like ''Without You'', ''Hero'' and ''My All'' is going to explore the world and o enjoy to its full. She said that the last world tour she had was in 2004.

A number of projects are waiting for her and she is going to busy for several days. Her twin kids had not commented yet on this.

Stay tuned for more news

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Khloe Kardashian gets Braces, May 2013

At the age of twenty eight Khloe kardashian gets braces. She has a fantastic photo with the Doctor who did this.

Dr. Kevin Sands is the best dentist ever according to Khloe Kardashian. She is the not  only celebrity who did this. She is going to do much more for her beauty. She always admired her sisters. Khloe is looking happy in this photo with her doctor.

Stay tuned for more news

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Taylor Swift at new girl Season's finale

Taylor Swift had a guest appearance at New Girl Season's finale. the cast of the show said that she is awesome and super funny. She had a blast there.

At her surprise entry the crowd got charged. She had a couple of funny lines at the start of her conversation with the cast. She was funny, delight and the attraction of the Finale.

Stay tuned for more news

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Holly Madison is in stress due to her Fiance

Well Pasquale Rotella is facing a difficult situation. He is in trouble because he is facing thirteen years prison for bribery and other issues.

As Holly Madison and Pasquale Rotella had just engaged so this is a critical situation for both. Holly Madison is in stress due to her politician and ex-playboy fiance.

Rotella is confident that he will be proved innocent. We wish both of them good days for their wedding. Stay tuned for more news.
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American Idol Grand Finale Who will WIN?

In six years this is the first time that a girl is going to win the American Idol. The competition is very tough. Kree Harrison and candice Glower are the two female finalists.They performed three songs each on last night (wedmesday).

And today there us going to be a big finale. Both are ver confident and can't wait to perform. So who will win today? candice is looking more strong candidate but the final results will confirm the winner.

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