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Victoria's Secret no.1 Model

Yes, we are talking about Candice Swanepoel. Twenty four years old South African model has become the most expensive and recognizable model of Victoria's Secret.

She got fame in days and now she is the most adorable super model. Kate Upton and Alessandra Ambrosio are behind her but Candice has top the boards. Lindsay Ellidson and Miranda Kerr are following her as Candice has now renewed the contract with Victoria's Secret.

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World's Shortest Workout

Working out is a must for every person, and here we have the World's Shortest Workout which takes just 4 minutes, and is as effective as a 40-60 min workout. Most of the people who have no workout regime and hate to workout have a simple excuse that they don't have time for working out. But this workout limits all the time constraints and provides a lot of health benefits as well.

This workout just takes 4 minutes and raises your metabolism for the next 36 hours, means bye bye to being fat or out of shape. The major benefit of this workout is the adaptability it provides, so we would suggest that athletes and people who already workout should do it too to have a better physique.
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Top 3 Fun TV Shows You Must Watch

Most of the people want to start off with TV Serials and want to watch something fun and addictive, but here are top 3 Serials you must watch if you don't want to regret later.


Friends is a series consisting of 10 Seasons about 6 friends Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey. The story revolves around the lives of these friends and the everyday fun happenings of their lives. At times it just gets amazing and you just can't wait to see what happens next. The quality of direct humor by Joey and Chandler is commendable, and the passive humor and acting of the other case supports the plot very well. In short Friends will never get old; it will be worth watching again and again.

How I Met Your Mother

One of the best daily runner show would be How I Met Your Mother. The story revolves around 5 friends Lily, Robin, Marshal, Ted and Barney Stinson. It also follows the same pattern but the Wit of Barney Stinson is just magnificent in the show. While the other characters are pretty good too and when all combined, they give you a good laugh. The 9th season of the show is on recording and the story of TED Mosby the architect about how he met the mother of his children is still going on.

Big Bang Theory

The story of Big Bang theory could be pretty much defined by the Bazinga of Dr. Sheldon Cooper who plays the role of a Geeky scientist, who plays the serious comedy so well that at times you will laugh to the point of choking. The show is ongoing and is getting better and better.

You must have watched these shows or have heard about it before reading this post, but if you haven't then it is a big mistake of yours.
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Karina Smirnoff injures in ''Dancing with the Stars'' Rehearsals

Karina Smirnoff is going to a severe injury during rehearsals of her performance. She was taken to the hospital as she fell down during back lift. Her partner was Jacoby Jones.

Her neck, chin and jaw was hurt-ed. She is feeling better now as she tweeted ''still bit a sour but would be performing''.

She is going to perform in upcoming episode of ''Dancing with the Stars''. Best wishes from us.

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Rihanna went blonde for a shoot with MAC cosmetics

Twenty years old Rihanna who is now days in news because of her split with Chris Brown went blonde for a night. She was in New York for the shoot with MAC cosmetics.

She tweeted that isn't feeling good after split with Chris Brown so she is doing thing to make herself busy. She added more that she is looking pretty. She may make this change permanent as she is admired by many.

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Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 12 Song

A lot of people search for the song at the end of episode 12, where Damon gets mad and tells his secret (by draining her out of blood). The Song is 'On the Radio' by DLZ and it is a great song; at least from the start, the beat is really catchy and crisp. Hear the Song down here,

This track is also featured in the famous show Breaking Bad if you are looking for that too.
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Jessica Chastain starring role in ''Miss Julie (2014)''

Miss Julie was a play and there was a movie ''Miss Julie'' which released in 1999. Saffron Burrows played Miss Julie in 1999 and now a new movie ''Miss Julie (2014)'' is shooting.

Thirty six years old Jessica Chastain is going to play Miss Julie this time. Her acting in Lawless and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress winner is going to rock in this movie.

Collin Farell is her co star.Here are the first look pictures.

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