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Halle Berry nominated for ''The Call'' in Teen Choice Awards

Fort six years old Halle Berry is always admired as a actress and a top model. She had won the the Academy Award in 2002 for the best Actress in the movie Monster's ball.

Her upcoming movie is X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Now she is nominated for the film ''The Call'' in the Choice Movie Actress. Les Misrables '' Anne Hathaway'', The Great Gastby's ''Carry Mulligon'', The Perks of being a Walflower, ''Emma Watson'' are the other nominies of this category.

Let's see who will win. Stay tuned for more news.

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Amanda Bynes busted by Cops in New York City

She was arrested due to marijuana possession. Police took her to court late at night where she will face judge at the next morning.

Police saw a bong, Amanda tossed it and than got arrested. Her face covered by a blonde wig. She was also taken to hospital to psychiatrist. She is doing weird things before this she posted some new photos on twitter due to which she was publicized.

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Morgan Freeman falls asleep during Live TV Interview

Morgan freeman Sleeping
While he was in a live show at Fox News in morning for his promotion of upcoming movie ''now You See Me'' Morgan Freeman fell asleep. It was too early wake up call ? he was thinking about someone special and fell asleep ?

Well he slept and than when he wake up the show was winding up. But he managed to answer some questions and make the anchor realize that he is active in the conversation.

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Max Greenfeild and James Laferty at Fox LA Screenings Lot Party

In Los Angelous, the party took place with a lot of stars having fun. James Laferty and Max Greenfeild were also there. The gathering occurred at 20th Century Fox Studio.

''New Girl'', ''Modern Family'' and ''Glee'' stars were there. Max Greenfeild was looking smart. Lamorne Morris, David Walton, Nolan Gould, Becca Tobin, Jacob Artist and Kevin Mchale also joined the party.

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Hilary Duff trip to Century City Mall with his Baby

Twenty five years old Hilary Duff was at Century City Mall in Calif with her baby Luca. She had a great time there. With his beautiful son she was walking around.

She said that she was feeling green. On Tweeter she tweeted this with the photo of her son. Stay tuned for more news.

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Selena Gomez and Jaden Smith spent time together in London

Beautiful ''Come and get It'' singer joined Jaden Smith for dinner in London. They were looking like a young couple in black outfits. Jaden Smith was wearing a black coat. Selena Gomez was also in black clothes.

They were in Hakkasan restaurant. Is Justin Bieber jealous of this? After the dinner Selena was looking happy as she tweeted about the dinner. though Jaden is fourteen but they enjoyed each other's company.

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What happened with Amanda Bynes ?

Amanda Bynes is making her presence to court now days. What happened to her? Firstly she was in problem due to drugs. Than she was taken to court for the bong she threw from the window. She said that I never had a bong in my life. Than for what she got arrested?

She said that she do not drink or do drugs so why she is getting to this. After Lindsay Lohan she is in news due to drugs. She was also arrested in New York due to marijuana possession last week.

She is continually updating her issues to her fans on Twitter. She tweeted, ''I don't drink,please fire the cop who arrested me.''

She is also not willing for the psychiatric test. Her parents are worried about her that she might be in some mental illness. We wish the young actress best of luck for her life. Stay tuned for more news.

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