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How to extend the battery life of Samsung GALAXY S2?

All Samsung Galaxy S2 users are having fun with what they are using but one thing which annoys them sometimes is the battery life of this smart phone. With Ginger bread as the default Android version Galaxy S2 has remarkable features having HD, an amazing resolution.

Here are some of the cautions you can take for extending battery life of Samsung Galaxy S2.

1- Turn on Wifi only when you are using internet, otherwise turn it off.

2- Remove all useless widgets from you Home screen.

3- Charge your phone after battery reaches the red region ( 15 percent).

4- Charge your phone completely (100 percent).

5- Do nott charge your phone time by time, it will make your battery full but the battery will not give its 100 percent.

6- Restart your smart phone after three or four days. It will clear you RAM and Cache Memory will also be cleared. Further you can take battery out and scratch its golden point with a thin pin. But do this after a month or two.

7- Delete useless applications. They use battery 24/7.

8- Set you brightness to its lowest. Auto brightness also eat battery. You can adjust brightness when showing to someone or  using it on the place where the crowd is around you.

9- Do not set live wallpapers. They also make battery down.

10- Clear you RAM before lock your phone.When you want to close application, touch back button instead of using center button.

Hope this will work for you. Give us your feedback.
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Jennifer Aniston got a new PIERCING, where it is?

Jennifer Aniston

Forty four years old American actress got a new piercing at top of her ear. Chopping of her hair she got a cartilage piercing. Beautiful actress has gone through a haircut before. She always do experiments with her looks.

This will take her back to the 90's era. That short hairstyle and piercings. She posted a picture on Instagram in which she shows her new piercing to her fans. Let's see what she will do next as she is shaking things up.
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KHLOE and LAMAR ODOM Splitting?

We are listening from different sources that Lamar is going to quit his marriage with Khloe Kardashian. Lamar, on his thirty fourth birthday was looking determined for his plan of splitting. Lamar was at Casa Vega where Kardashian's often visit for the famous Mexican food.

Khloe is also planning to divorce Lamar but she is not talking openly about it. Well both are having a tough time in their wedding life. Sources said that they are also selling their family home. Their Tarzana Mansion is of cost $4 Million. Khloe is pressurizing for selling this house. Divorce papers are not yet prepared. Let's see what will be the end of their fragile state. We wish good for them.
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Anthonie Mackie arrested in NYC

The famous Anthonie Mackie is in a situation critical. Famous for his movies like ''Gangsta Aquad'', ''8 Mile'', and ''Hurt Locker'' Anthonie was arrested on Saturday morning.

The reason was the tinted mirrors of his car. Further he was drunk-ed while driving. He was in NYC when cops grab him for his tinted windows. So what if he was Anthonie Mackie, he was drunked.

Just than after different tests for his condition he was taken to a near police station where he was arrested. His license was also suspended because he said that he is not going to check for blood alcohol test.

Anthonie will be back again and make us laugh the way he do.
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Full Beard Styles

You want a beard, have a good one then as we already have discussed that once in a while you must try to grow some beard and answered your questions that whether i should grow a beard or not with effective beard memes. However, jokes aside the beards do look good but the main problem is to choose your own distinctive style which matches your face perfectly we have shared some latest beard styles in our previous post and now in this post we are going to discuss the full beard styles for men. The reason being that, full beard is the most natural style of the beards and it almost looks good every time.
i love beard image
Love the Beard

A quick fact is that the fuller beards are attractive and they hide most of the minor odd features in your facial structure. Plus a remarkable improvement is in skin tone and health with better hygiene of the beard. And the natural growth of the full beard is the most natural and suitable style for you, of-course you don't want the mustaches so big that they get chewed in your mouth, so a little trimming and that is the way to go. A fuller beard make you look more mature and amazingly so, people start to take you seriously. Don't believe me, try it yourself then. Plus you get this extra boost in masculinity all of a sudden, which is the best thing to get from your beard. Imagine being the new alpha in the town!

The celebrities love beards, and we shown you the celebrities with best beards and now is the time for us to give you some more by showing these super cool full beard styles which could boost your masculinity in the best way possible. Checkout the latest styles and tell us what is your liking when it comes to your beard in full beard styles. The lengths may vary from person to person and the ideal length would be not too uptight and not too long that you become to look like Dumbledore (Yeah that one from Harry Potter).
clean shave joke
No Beard Joke

And for those who really don't like the beards we have this special something to share. IF you don't have it try and if it doesn't look good, let other people try at least. No jokes for Beards #BeardRules right!

models with full beard
Full Beard Model

full beard styles
Full Beard

full bearded model

full beard 2014 style
Full Beard Style
These above are some of the beard styles that are most appropriate if you are going to level up and have a full beard now like a grown up man. Lets leave the teenage club and join the real man club with the beards hanging little low and heads high. Seems a little dramatic isn't it.
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BMW R1200R a Dream Bike?

You might have seen a bike which instantly turned your head around and in a reflexive way you would have said that this is the bike i need and it is my dream bike. Most of us had the dream and we just came across this beautiful piece of engineering which is crafted by the thoughts of LAZARETH, a BMW R1200R which is too damn hot.
cool bmw bike

A french client needed a 'neo-retro scrambler' and the guys at Lazareth granted his wish with this low-key BMW R1200R which is a muscular bike. Now the rear as you can see isn't clustered as they say 'We kept only the engine and the Paralever suspension at the rear' and they also widened the bike to give the proper bulked up look with the twinduro tires.

bmw custom bike r1200r

bmw r1200r

I don't know whether you like it or not, but we think it is a hot beast one of it's kind and you should totally take it for a ride when you want some action.
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One Direction Broke the Record with 'Best Song Ever'

One Direction fans are pretty much alive and they have given the lesson to the people thinking that One Direction's popularity is descending. One Direction have launched their new song called 'Best Song Ever' and have broke the world record of maximum views in 24 hours, they got a total of 10.9 Million views in 24 hours and now has over 18 Million views, which means millions of people across the globe have appreciated their work.
one direction group photo wearing black tux

One Direction who premiered their music video on VEVO last Monday have successfully secured the first place by beating Miley Cyrus's all time teen favorite 'We Can't Stop' which was the previous record securing 10.7 Million views. But we guess a lot of people search the term 'Best Song Ever' on youtube and it was a really clever move to choose a title like that, and thats what made the difference, after all One Direction Boys got brains. The song is really good, check it out,

One Direction boy band is now a days busy with their film One Direction: This is US releasing August 30th, but you will see them in action on August 11 performing the first off tune of their upcoming film at the open Fox's Teen Choice.
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