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Top 10 Social Networking Websites for Bloggers 2013

Social networking websites play an important role in increasing traffic on you website. . By making your website account on social networking websites can increase forty to sixty percent (40% - 60%) traffic of website. By posting or sharing link of your new posts or articles on social networking websites can make it more prominent. And by telling your peer groups about your website through social networking websites can make it easy for you to promotion. One thing that you have to concentrate on and which is time consuming too is to expand your followers and friends. Make pages, communities and groups of your websites. Here are the top 10 social networking websites according to their number of users and statistics.


It is one of the big social networking websites with huge number of global users. By tweeting you can tell your followers about the content of your website. This will increase the traffic.

2-      Google+
By making account on Google+ you can relate about your website to your circles. You can also make community of your website. for example Xplore Out

3-      Youtube
The ever green youtube is a tool for promoting your website. You can add videos to your posts from youtube.

4-      Facebook
With more than 350 million users across the world facebook is superlative platform to increase the traffic.

5-      Pinterest
The rating of pinterest has been increased. This can help you in increasing traffic.

6-      Tumblr
Stay in touch by sharing pictures that show the content of your website. Tumblr is a podium for traffic.

7-      StumbleUpon
Stumble! Visit Web Pages and others will visit yours.

Triberr has proved to be an essential tool in social marketing. Make your account here too!

You can connect with your friends by this networking website and can share content of your website which in turns gives you traffic.

10-   Slideshare
Active yourself here too. 

Thanks for reading. Also add bookmarks of the above websites to your blogs. These can make your traffic boost. you have to be regular and stay in touch with the audience who response.


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Simple Bedroom Design Ideas

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.
-Jane Austen

There is nothing like home, Well Said. But, to make that peaceful home beautiful is another art altogether. Today we would like to share some amazing bedroom designs with you, which will prove helpful in making your beautiful home a paradise. Bedrooms are essential parts of any house, because after a tiresome day or a tough day at home there is nothing more appealing than a beautiful calm bedroom.

Some tips on choosing and designing your bedroom are:

  • Bedrooms are supposed to be quiet and calm, so place them somewhere where noise pollution is minimum.
  • Bedrooms should be ventilated, but not too much.
  • Smaller Bedrooms should be painted with light colors to make it look bigger.
  • The Bed should be placed in the bottom, to ensure room for side tables as they are really useful.
  • Chandelier look good, but be sure not to place them just above the bed. 
  • Place the windows on left or right of the bed, never go for front facing windows.

Enough saying let's have a look at some of the designs that are really impressive and would help you too.

bedroom designs

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Long Hairstyles for Women

Hair are an important factor of your overall personality, and a proper hairstyle is capable of covering many weak spots of your outlook. Today we would like to show you some long hairstyles for women which are in fashion and good looking of course. When it comes to hairstyle choice, you would be pleased to know how much you can do with your long hair.

First of all you have to keep it in mind that always stay close to your natural hair trend, because if you deviate from that you will affect your hair adversely. But do not stick with monotonous old-school hairstyle, give it a change and give it a chance. So here are some tips, followed by some images that will give you a good idea of what to choose to standout!

  • On straight hairs you can experiment a little wavy style with varied layers which looks amazing by the way!
  • For little curly hairs, wearing side bang or having a heavy front fringe is totally cool.
  • A simple classy braid is surely a good way of showing your hair length, try it sometime.
  • Try knotted hairstyles i.e seashell knots or pretzel knot hairstyle.
  • Bun Hairstyle is a good option when it comes to medium long hair.
  • For younger girls two braid hairstyles look cute.

The above mentioned styles are few popular styles, but you could still always go for the straight long hair style or the Emo styles or layered hairstyles. Whichever hairstyle you like be sure that it fits perfectly with your facial structure and you'll look good for sure :)

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Rio de Janeiro Beaches, Brazil

Beaches are to Rio what cafes are to Paris. So what if right now we are not there but every reader has a wish to spend a vacation at Rio. Yes, I am talking about Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Fresh air, blue transparent sea water, fine white sand, beautiful women, night parties, decorated lodges and endless entertainment comes into my mind when I think about beaches. And what if these are Rio de Janeiro beaches? People of Rio are very friendly and helpful; they call themselves Cariocas.
Copacabana and Ipanema are the Rio’s most exciting and famous spot. These are areas full of Brazilian people and tourists from all around the world. Here you can find the best food, traditional side and relaxing environment. As night descends, it is time for party. Women and drinks are here for you with blasting music. After partying on the beach you can hit the nearby club for more fun. Welcoming people will admire you, which will give you a boost and your energy level will rise as the midnight parties carry’s on. Rio is all about excitement and entertainment. It is one of the best places to spend vacations with your friends.

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